Some pretty artses I did for a recent comic convention! You may have seen this (in form of prints) from a couple of my Tumblr posts, so here are ALLLL of them. 

I had initially wanted to draw several of the X-Men in different seasons (I have Kitty Pryde slotted for Spring, and Jean Grey for Summer), and got stumped for a season that would best represent Ororo. When in doubt - ask the Internet - I posed the question to my Facebook fanpage followers. The answers were? Draw her in ALL the seasons XD

So here she is, Storm for all Seasons. I wanted to draw her for ages in an appropriately awesome setting because she is one awesome character - and I ended up splurging on four illustrations of her at once lol

I tried to insert some references of the weather in each seasons (rain for Spring, a summer thunderstorm in the Summer piece, wind for autumn etc).. nothing very out there but hopefully it’ll add something to the overall piece!

Thanks for viewing :) And should anyone want to own a piece (or four) - the prints are available at the following links: (A6 prints, full set) (A4 prints, full set) (A4 prints, singles)

My goodness, Hanie - they are even more beautiful than the smaller pictures led me to believe!!




All the Ships (In no particular order)

Willow & Tara:

"Strong like an amazon…"

Never forgiving Joss for this.

TiVo just caught the heart-smashing episodes and I have cried ALL THE TEARS.